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8 ‘Healthy’ Fast Food Items That Aren’t So Healthy

Is there really such a thing as ‘healthy’ fast food? In these times of hustle and bustle there are often not enough hours in the day, and as we’re pressed to fit in what we can, we often have to sacrifice here and there. Cooking at home is often one of the first tasks to get ‘outsourced’ so to speak as many of us routinely visit the drive-thru either on our way to work or on our way home to pick up some dinner on the fly.

Traditionally, fast food has been about notoriously unhealthy offerings like burgers, fries and pizza but as more people are concerned with eating a healthy balanced diet, fast food retailers have had to come up with some new ideas to offer a fresher, healthier menu. But are these products really all their cracked up to be? And are they actually as healthy as they claim to be? Sometimes the nutritional labels say otherwise… as is the case with these eight popular menu items that aren’t actually very healthy at all…

1. Burger King’s Veggie Burger

We’re not sure how many people would actually go to Burger King and order a veggie burger (most people who visit are probably looking for a real burger) but if you do order one thinking that it’s going to be a healthier choice than your usual Whopper sandwich, think again.

While BK’s veggie burger does have almost half the calories of the signature Whopper sandwich, it has almost the same amount of sodium, 900 milligrams compared with the Whoppers 910 milligrams. That’s almost 40 percent of your recommended daily sodium intake in one little burger. So just remember, lower calories doesn’t always equal a healthier option.

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