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7 Not-So-Vegan and Vegetarian Foods

As a vegetarian, I can personally tell you that it takes strict planning to consistently stick with a totally animal-free diet—particularly when you have to deal with an array of foods that appear to have no traces of animal products and byproducts, but actually do.

Here are seven not-so-obvious vegan- and vegetarian-offending foods…

1. Gummy Bears

Red, orange, yellow, green—Gummy Bears appear to be a fruit flavored bevy of sugary teddies. However, what you might not realize is that store-bought candies, like gummy bears, starburst, and candy corn, actually contain gelatin, an animal-based ingredient.

The gelatin found in many store-bought candies, and even Jello and marshmallows, gives products that “gummy” texture, but is also derived from the protein of animal by-products (a mixture of animal skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments).

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