7 Healthy Gifts that Should be in your Stocking

Ah, the stocking. Some people rip into it as soon as they come down the stairs on Christmas morning, while others wait until they’ve opened their other gifts—so it’s kind of like a dessert.

Speaking of which, many times you find items in your stocking that are sweet, like chocolate bars. However, it’s pretty tempting to munch down all those sweets before you have breakfast. Here are seven (mostly) healthy items to put in your loved one’s stocking that they’ll love (and that’s actually good for them)…

1. Filtered Water on the Go

If you’re the type that likes to hike or jog outdoors during the winter, then you’re already steps ahead of many people. You probably also know that staying hydrated is important, even for winter exercise.

That being said, there is this cool water bottle from Bobble that purifies tap water as you drink it. It features a charcoal filter that eliminates some impurities commonly found in municipal drinking supplies. The manufacturer touts that it’s as good as having 300 regular bottles of water!


2. Yoga Mat Straps

Are you fumbling with your yoga mat on the way to a session? It is becoming unrolled as you walk? Well, now there’s a simple solution that you can stuff into a stocking! No, this isn’t the script for an infomercial. However, there is an item for the yoga enthusiast on your list.

Lululemon, that brought you the well-known yoga pants, has taken its yoga ingenuity a step further with a “no-brainer” mat strap for easy transport of your trusty yoga sidekick. It’s also available in 7-colors, in case that’s important to the recipient.


3. UV Lip Balm

The dryness of the winter can take a toll on your skin, and your lips are sometimes the first to feel the effects. However, a good lip balm does more than immediate hydrate your lips (and maybe even taste nice)—it blocks the sun too.

There are a number of UV-rated lip balms out there that will shield your lips from the harsh sun, even in winter when you don’t suspect sun damage. Here is a somewhat dated lippy list of some of those products out there that fit this description, courtesy of PopSugar.com.

lip balm

4. Protein Bars

They look like chocolate bars—some of them even taste like chocolate bars—but they’re far better for you than the empty rush of sugar that your standard candy bar will deliver.

Okay, so some of them have their fair share of sugar in them, but protein bars (or energy bars) deliver more punch and are often made from organic ingredients. It’s a great way to get some lasting energy to plow through the rest of your gifts, or to help you recover afterwards along with a coffee.

protein bar

5. Activity Trackers

Okay—first a disclaimer—not all fitness trackers have received love from researchers. But if you’re willing to fork out a bit of cash for an interesting stocking stuffer, you can try a FitBit that monitors your vitals while you sweat (or freeze).

This (and other similar products) can quickly tell you your heartrate, and can also be used for more advanced functions like counting your steps and recording your distance. In any case, they’re cool-looking electronic gadgets that your loved one will probably like wearing, if just for style.

fitness tracker

6. Texting Gloves

Let’s face it, even when we’re walking in a winter wonderland. we still feel inclined to check our phone notifications. So instead of having to take your gloves off in sub-zero temperatures to use the touch screen, those ingenious marketers have found another way to get our money.

Since we’ve given some products a push already, let’s continue that trend by mentioning Glider Gloves—which keep your hands warm and also allow your finger to connect with a screen without risking frostbite. They come in different styles and all that other good stuff too.

glider gloves

7. An Orange

Yeah that’s right, an orange. Not one of those chocolate oranges that you smack against a table to break apart, but the real deal. Because of the skin, an orange will keep fairly well, and it’s a nice dose of juicy vitamins on Christmas morning. (It’s also a good option if you’ve already blown your holiday shopping budget.)

Legend has it that oranges were actually placed in stockings as a symbol of gold. Oranges were once a rare treat, according to thekitchn.com, so getting one in your stocking was apparently a big deal. It was also a luxury during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Did we mention an orange is loaded with vitamins?


Jeff Hayward

Jeff Hayward

Jeff has more than 15 years of experience writing professionally about health, travel and the arts among other subjects. He continuously looks to improve his own overall health through exercise, diet and mindfulness. He is also a proud stay-at-home dad that loves taking photographs both professionally and as a hobby.