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7 Healthy Gifts that Should be in your Stocking

Ah, the stocking. Some people rip into it as soon as they come down the stairs on Christmas morning, while others wait until they’ve opened their other gifts—so it’s kind of like a dessert.

Speaking of which, many times you find items in your stocking that are sweet, like chocolate bars. However, it’s pretty tempting to munch down all those sweets before you have breakfast. Here are seven (mostly) healthy items to put in your loved one’s stocking that they’ll love (and that’s actually good for them)…

1. Filtered Water on the Go

If you’re the type that likes to hike or jog outdoors during the winter, then you’re already steps ahead of many people. You probably also know that staying hydrated is important, even for winter exercise.

That being said, there is this cool water bottle from Bobble that purifies tap water as you drink it. It features a charcoal filter that eliminates some impurities commonly found in municipal drinking supplies. The manufacturer touts that it’s as good as having 300 regular bottles of water!


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