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6 Ways to Unplug and Reconnect

It may seem that you can’t live without your smart phone these days. After all, how else do you find out where your friends are, find a decent restaurant in the neighbourhood, or see what your friends are cooking and eating?

Electronic connections have taken over our lives, and may be having more of an impact on your overall well-being than you think. Smart phone addiction is now a real thing that’s affecting many people, at all ages. In fact, Psychology Today equates smartphone addition with the same symptoms as other addictions (i.e., drugs and alcohol)—including withdrawal and irrational behaviour (i.e., think texting behind the wheel). Here are six ways to replace texting and surfing the web to bring balance back into your life…


1. Start Writing Letters Again

Remember back when you took the time to pour your heart out in a letter to a trusted friend? There’s something special about sending and receiving mail, as it requires you to take some time to properly pen it, rather than quickly checking your texts and moving on to the next task.

Not only can writing a letter be emotionally cleansing, it can also help boost your writing skills and your attention span. You tend to organize your thoughts more clearly when writing because there’s no back button. Plus, you’ll also have a good excuse to take a walk to the post box when you finish and seal the note. Consider “attachments” like small works of art or a printed photo to send with your  handwritten note.

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