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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hot Dogs

Each year, folks across the U.S.A. gobble down the equivalent of about 5 billion hot dogs!

Now your favorite might be a chili dog, a hot dog pilled with sauerkraut, a pogo stick, or beans and wieners—but regardless, America’s mass munching of pig parts is so notorious that enjoying a hot dog has become, well, a national pastime.

I warn you, the hard, nasty truth about hot dogs can be hard to swallow, and when you consider the following five facts you probably didn’t know about hot dogs, you may reconsider your penchant for the hot dog…

1. What’s Really In That Hotdog You’re Eating?

My dad used to say, “you know what’s in a hot dog right, pigs lips, ears, and snouts!” The ridiculousness that a yummy hot dog could consist of such gross ingredients never fazed this hot dog lover as possible. However, it seems my old pop wasn’t far from the truth. According to officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, hot dogs can contain skeletal muscles, pork stomach, snout, spleens, lips, and intestines. Still hungry?

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