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15 Breakfasts You Can Make Ahead for The Week!

Chances are your day won’t be very productive without a good hearty breakfast to start things off right. Not only is your first meal of the day necessary to wake you up, it’s also required to balance your blood sugar, refuel your energy stores…and well, prepare you to do the simple things your day requires, like getting dressed, walking down the stairs, and driving your car to work.

However, preparing a breakfast to nourish your morning requires more than a bit of alertness—it requires time! And who really has the time in the morning? The good news is that we’ve come prepared with 15 make-ahead breakfasts that will give your day some serious power…

1. Yogurt Parfait

A simple idea that takes only a few ingredients that you can assemble ahead of time, layer your favorite flavor of yogurt with mixed berries, nuts, and dried fruits, and grab on your way out the door. Just don’t forget a spoon!

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