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10 Ways Drinking Wine May Be Saving Your Life

Cheers to the fact that drinking wine is good for your health.

Scientific studies well document the fact that swilling a glass or two of wine is good for your health in many ways—including reducing the risks of heart disease, certain cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, keep in mind that it’s all about how much you drink that can make or break that bottle. And overdoing it can transform that healthy glass of vino into a bad habit with poor health consequences.

So raise a glass, fellow wine lovers! Here are ten ways that wine may be saving your life…

1. Wine Wards Off the Flu

Did you know that a hearty glass of red wine actually doubles as cough syrup? Well, not really, but scientific studies link moderate weekly wine drinking (that’s a glass or 2 a day, tops), strengthens your immunity and lessens your chances of catching a cold or influenza.

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