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10 Reasons to Stop Dieting!

2. Dieting Steals Our Attention

If we could imagine a world without a focus on dieting or our body, how much extra time would we have to pursue other hobbies? Perhaps we could take a night course or work towards a new career. Perhaps we could write that book or take those chances we have only dreamed of but didn’t due to fear. A fear of looking fat or unattractive or fearing what others will think can hold us back from doing what we really want to do.

As early as elementary school, boys and girls may begin to feel negatively about their bodies. This may have an influence on diet and food restriction into adulthood with a continuous focus on fat, food, and body. With such a time consuming pursuit, there is no time for friends, family, and other hobbies that would fuel our spirits and strengthen our self-esteem.

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