10 of the Strangest Ice Cream Flavors You’ve Ever Tasted

Are you sick of the same chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream flavors staring you in the face at your local creamery or market?

The good news is that there are a ton of innovative flavors for your sampling pleasure out there in this great wide world. The bad news is that some of them are made with some pretty odd ingredients that many of us wouldn’t consider palatable as a sweet treat.

So get those sampling spoons ready and put your preconceived ice cream conceptions aside. Here are ten of the oddest and most unique ice cream flavors from around the globe…

1. Jackfruit Ice Cream, India

I know, I hadn’t heard of jackfruit before either. However, this sweet tasting fruit that flourishes mostly in hot climates like India might be my new favorite ice cream flavor. Because you might not be able to get it in North America (unless you venture out to find it at an Indian or Jamaican-specific market) imagine jackfruit ice cream as a creamy, sweet spoonful of Juicy Fruit-flavored gum.

2. Fox Testicle Ice Cream, Turkey

Yes, you read that correctly. However, this signature Turkish ice cream isn’t made from actual fox testicles. The Turkish make it out of dondurma, a chewy, taffy-like combination of goat’s milk and salep, which is actually flour ground out of orchids. However, the word “dondurma” roughly translates to “fox testicle” putting many foreigners off of this cold delicacy. Order your dondurma like the locals from a street cart, and watch it prepared using a giant ladle. Due to its sticky consistency, it’s often served in a bowl accompanied by a knife and fork.

3. Pineapple Shrimp Ice Cream, Taiwan

You might crave ice cream after your entrée of pineapple shrimp, but have you ever thought of combining the two into a sweet treat? This popular ice cream and shaved-ice flavor is made using pineapple, shrimp, wine ice, seaweed, and don’t forget the dried fish bit sprinkles on top! I’m told this cone is not quite as fishy as you’d imagine.

4. Haggis Ice Cream, England

Not to judge, but the very idea of haggis, a Scottish delicacy prepared with sheep intestines and sausage encased in sheep’s stomach kind of puts me off my meal—not to mention dessert. However, the famed streets of London scoop this strong favorite in ice cream cones.  Don’t fear; the ice cream is actually churned smooth so you won’t be picking sheep’s intestines out of your teeth after each lick.

5. Garlic Ice Cream, California, USA

Touted as the garlic capital of the world, here in Gilroy, California folks find a way to put garlic into EVERYTHING. And tourists flock from thousands of miles away to sample garlic favorites at the annual Garlic Festival where you can score yourself a free scoop of this vanilla ice cream infused with garlic. Sure, it may be a one-time event. Just make sure your date has a bite too.

6. Whiskey Prune Ice Cream, Australia

Did you know that Australian ice cream doesn’t feature eggs? However, it does have a penchant for some pretty odd flavors. Take the famous whisky prune for example, a silky combination of mascarpone ice cream, jersey cow’s milk, and whiskey-soaked prunes.  So instead of chocolate ripple; why not give whiskey ripple a whirl the next time you’re down under.

7. Beer Ice Cream, Munich, Germany

From the famous beer gardens of Munich, Germany comes a new way to sample craft-beer. Instead of a frothy pint, order up a hearty scoop of Bavarian wheat-beer ice cream, Guinness ice cream, or a brew pop made with a variety of sweeter Belgian fruit ales. Prosit!

8. Lavender Ice Cream, France

Was there any doubt that the French would deliver the classiest sounding ice cream? And lavender ice cream is made using the aromas of flowers. If lavender is not reminiscent of romance, you can choose another flavor—such as poppy, rose, jasmine, violet, rosemary, or thyme. Oh la la!

9. Salty Black Licorice Ice Cream, Sweden

Salty black licorice is popular throughout Europe, including in Stockholm, Sweden. However, before you enter a shop under the impression that you’re pointing to a pint of sinfully delicious dark chocolate, consider that you might be in for a local favorite known as salmiakki (salty licorice). However, those odd balls who actually like black licorice (I know you’re out there) will be pleasantly surprised by the sweet-pungently salty combination.

10. Tequila Ice Cream, Mexico

What better way to relax in a lounge chair on the beach than with a cold bowl of tequila-infused ice cream? There isn’t enough liquor in this booze-infused cone to get you tipsy. In fact; it’s often combined with lime flavor and it’s quite popular among local children.


Emily Lockhart

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