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10 Common Type II Diabetes Myths

Type II Diabetes is a grueling health condition to manage—you have to constantly keep tabs on your blood sugar, prepare a healthy diet, read each and every food label, try to squeeze in some daily exercise, and maybe even take medication.  Add to that some pretty contradictory diabetes advice and you may not be able to differentiate fact from fiction.

That’s why we’re debunking the myths for type II diabetes sufferers right now. Here are the ten most common and persistent diabetes myths…

1. Losing weight will cure your type II diabetes

If you’re overweight and have diabetes your doctor may very well recommend dropping a few pounds as part of your treatment plan. However, losing that weight in itself won’t cure the disease or the high blood sugar levels that you’ve developed over the years.  But losing excess weight may slow the progression of diabetes symptoms—helping to manage blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood lipids for longer with fewer medications.

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