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7 Different Kinds of Seizures and Their Symptoms

When we think of seizures, we often only picture how the patient goes into convulsions – but there are actually different types of seizures (divided into major groups) that have varying symptoms depending on where they originate in the brain.

While seizures are almost always alarming to those looking on, and can be quite upsetting to those who have one (although their memory of the episode may be foggy or absent), there are about 12-different types of seizures, according to WebMD. Let’s take a look at seven of them…

1. Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal)

You’ve most likely heard about grand mal seizures, as they are “the most noticeable” and associated with how we portray seizures, notes WebMD. This type of seizure is characterized by body stiffening, jerking, shaking, and loss of consciousness, it adds.

Grand mal seizures can last up to 3-minutes, which will probably seem like a lot longer to those witnessing one. If they last longer than a few minutes, then 911 should be called, it adds. This type of seizure can also cause the patient to bite their tongue or cheek, but you should never try to insert anything into their mouth for risk of further injury to the patient and you.

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