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12 Things to Know About Seizures in Children

Seizures can be alarming, and even more so when they occur in children. However, unfortunately even the youngest among us aren’t immune to them.

While there are many types of seizures, there are some unique to children and infants in particular. Knowing what you’re dealing with can help you act appropriately and seek proper treatment. Here are 12 things to know about seizures in kids…

1. The Many Seizure Triggers

The reasons your child is having a seizure are similar to why anyone at any age would have a seizure – it’s basically an overload of electrical impulses between neurons that overwhelm the brain.

WebMD says that anyone can have a seizure “under normal circumstances,” whether it’s from a fever, lack of oxygen, head trauma, or epilepsy. “In most cases – about seven out of 10 – the cause of the seizures can’t be identified,” it adds.

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