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6 Ways to Help Someone During and After a Seizure

Seizures are often associated with epilepsy, but there are a number of non-epileptic triggers of a seizure as well such as stress, certain medications and alcohol withdrawal. Seizures are actually the result of a sudden surge of electrical energy in the brain, and while they can look violent, they are usually not dangerous for the most part.

However, there are a number of ways to help someone who is experiencing a seizure, and knowing how to intervene (or not to) is good knowledge to have. While many seizures involve bodily convulsions, some do not. Here are six ways to lend a helping hand if possible…

1. Stay Calm

WebMD said the first step is to remain calm, as the person’s seizure usually will only last a minute or so (this is tough do in some cases, especially if you’re not sure what’s happening). Losing your composure can make the situation worse, and panicking may make it more difficult to assist the person.

The source notes to try timing the seizure—if it lasts for 3-minutes or longer, you should call 911. If the seizure victim is pregnant, emergency services should be contacted during any length of seizure, adds the source.

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