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10 Signs and Symptoms of a Hernia

3. A Full Feeling

A heavy, full, bloated, or uncomfortable feeling in your gut is common to those with umbilical or hiatal hernias in the abdominal area. Umbilical hernias are hernias that develop in the intestine and protrude via an opening in the layered abdominal muscles. Umbilical hernias are most typical in infants (roughly at age 1 to 3-years old) that are born with weak organ or abdominal tissues. However, these hernias can appear in adulthood as well. Hiatal herinas, on the other hand, results from sacs in the stomach that force tissue up through your diaphragm opening (known as the hiatus). Small hiatal hernias aren’t usually an issue, however, larger hiatal hernias can result in pain when food and acid back up into the esophagus, as the esophagus passes through the hiatus on route to the stomach. 


A feeling characterized as a dragging sensation in your groin, may be a inguinal hernia (which is a soft tissue hernia of the abdominal cavity (or omentum) that presses through weakened abdominal muscles) or a femoral hernia (a sac in the groin and thigh made up of intestine forcing into the wall of the femoral canal).  These hernias will hurt whenever you sit or bend over to pick up an object.

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