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10 Worst Breakfasts to Feed Your Children

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Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast will set you up for a day of healthy eating. And nutritionists claim that breakfast is very important for children, as they need to fuel their minds and bodies for days of learning at school.

It can be easy to rely on prepackaged breakfast dishes for busy school mornings. Unfortunately, these foods are often high in processed foods, high in salt and sugar, and are loaded with calories. While processed breakfast foods may taste delicious, they are often not the best options for growing bodies.

If you are having trouble finding quick and healthy foods for kids, here are some options. Soak steel cut oats overnight for fast cooking in the morning. Eggs make great fast food meal as they take only a few minutes to cook. Smoothies are a great option for kids who don’t like to eat breakfast if you blend together fruit and yogurt for a complete meal in a glass.

Here are the 10 worst breakfast foods to feed your children. Food experts urge us to stay clear of these bad choices and instead reach for nutritious whole foods…

1. Chocolate Nut Spread

Recent commercials have seen chocolate nut spreads being advertised as a healthy food. While hazelnuts are healthy in moderation, these products are made with an abundance of sugar, which spikes insulin levels quickly, making kids hyper at the moment, but incredibly tired later on when insulin levels plummet. Instead, opt for a light chocolate flavored cream cheese spread. Your children will be getting a good supply of calcium and protein while keeping the sugar and calories balanced.

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