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7 Aphasia Therapies and Treatments to Talk About

Aphasia is the inability to properly communicate orally or through writing, usually as the result of a stroke or another medical problem. Symptoms can range from leaving out key words from sentences to losing the ability to differentiate between truth and sarcasm, and it can be very frustrating and limiting to the sufferer.

The good news is that in many cases, the patient can improve their language and communication skills over time through the help of a professional. In other cases, the underlying medical cause can be addressed, and associated symptoms can also be improved. Let’s look at seven treatments focused on aphasia, to help get people talking about National Aphasia Awareness month in June…

1. Speech Therapy

Medscape.com notes, “Special techniques exist to treat patients with articulatory problems, agrammatism, lack of syntax, and lack of intonation ability”. It says most experts agree that speech therapy is important in the improvement of communication skills in cases of aphasia.

The source backs up its claim by noting there are studies that show “intensive speech therapy may be more beneficial than a more extended course of sporadic therapy,” meaning a prolonged and targeted approach may be best.

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