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6 Things You Need to Know About Superbugs

2. What makes people vulnerable to superbugs?

For now, superbugs pose only a moderate threat to the vast majority of people. But that can change drastically based on where you spend much of your time. For example, if you find yourself in medical facilities like hospitals on a regular basis, you’re vastly increasing your risk of developing a drug-resistant infection. Put simply, hospitals are hotbeds for tough and highly durable bacteria.

Of course, you’re also opening yourself up to the possibility of infection if you’ve seen your immune system struggle in recent days, weeks, or months. If you’ve sustained some kind of serious injury, have undergone moderate or major surgery, or have come down with some form of infection, your immune system may be facing a serious challenge, leaving it vulnerable to infection from a superbug. For those in this position, be sure to visit your doctor regularly until you’re told the threat has passed.

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