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World Diabetes Day 2012: Spreading Word on the Deadly Disease

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diabetes awarenessToday marks World Diabetes Day, but for many, diabetes is a health issue they deal with every day.

Type 2 diabetes (the most common form of the disease) is a deadly epidemic! It’s estimated that:

  •  26 million people in America have diabetes
  •  95 percent of those are afflicted with Type 2 diabetes
  • And another 79 million are suspected as pre-diabetic (at risk of developing the disease)

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body carries too much excess weight. It’s this weight storage that damages the body’s ability to use insulin (the hormone that controls blood sugar levels).

“It causes all kinds of damage,” says Dr. Ronald Tammler, Endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Diabetes Center in New York, “At some point, the system breaks, and you get diabetes, damaged blood vessels, [or worse] heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and amputation.”

On the other hand, Type 1 Diabetes ceases insulin production after the immune system attacks the pancreas and stops insulin production. Weight isn’t a factor for Type 1 diabetics, in fact, the cause is unknown.

And while there are treatment options for Type 2 Diabetes—including insulin therapy, prescription medication, blood sugar monitoring, healthy eating and regular physical activity, and in extreme cases, bariatric surgery, living with diabetes isn’t easy.

For the remaining millions of Americans not yet affected by Type 2 diabetes, the good news is you can proactively prevent the onset of the disease with simple healthy diet and active lifestyle choices.

Dr. Tammler says, “Changing your lifestyle… what you eat and what physical activity you integrate into your life is more powerful than medications.” He also recommends the following for those at risk for Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Avoid sugary sodas and juices
  • Put the stop on your fast food addiction
  • Curb late night, high-carbohydrate and fat snacks—such as potato chips
  • See a doctor for regular blood sugar checks

Source: Fox News

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