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Strengthening Exercises that Won’t Hurt Your Knees

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If you have knees that are sore from arthritis, injury, or have just always seemed to be prone to aching, you might be afraid to perform knee-dominant strength training exercises. Not only are there exercises you can do that won’t cause additional knee pain, but strengthening the muscles around the knee plays a big role in pain reduction. The stronger the muscles around the knee, the less strain on the joint itself. Remember, if you have a pre-existing condition that is causing your knee pain, you should check with a medical professional to ensure the following exercises are right for you…


1. Banded Walks

Banded walks are great for working the glutes, which play a major role in stabilizing the hip, and therefore, the knee. Find a resistance band that is long enough to tie around both ankles in a giant loop. When you are standing with hips shoulder distance apart, there should be slight tension around your ankles. For this exercise, you will want to focus on your lead leg’s knee tracking between your big toe and first toe and squeezing the glute on the lead leg side.

To start the movement, stand hip distance apart with knees slightly bent and bum pushed backwards into a semi-squat position. Step to your right, causing increased tension on the band, and then bring your left leg back to starting position. This is one rep; aim to perform 10- to 15- repetitions in both directions 1 to 2 times for beginners.


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