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7 Ways You’re Messing With Your Fitness Tracker

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It’s 2016 and suddenly it seems we never lived without fitness trackers. The data they provide you with after a run, day at the office, or even a night of sleep…seriously, it’s amazing and kind of scary at the same time. However, if you want accuracy from your fitness tracker, you need to get real with how you’re using the device.

Here are seven ways you might be messing with your fitness tracker’s accuracy…

1. You Wear it Constantly…for Everything

You wear your fitness tracker to walk to the grocery store. You wear your fitness tracker to vacuum…alright I guess that counts. However, you also wear your fitness tracker while you binge watch Netflix (and it only counts your trips up and down the stairs to use the bathroom).

You might not realize it, but fitness trackers are meant to count activities that involve physical fitness. So when you’re just at home chilling or getting busy with your significant other, it’s not meant to track these things (and it’s a little embarrassed that you brought it into the room with you in the first place). Like everything in life, there’s a time and place for fitness tracking…so don’t cheat by wearing it when you’re not actually doing anything active.


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