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5 Classic Holiday Weight Gain Blunders

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The holiday season is full of cheer, full of presents, full of family and friends…and full of empty calories. However, that doesn’t mean you have to end up twenty pounds heavier by the time the new year rolls around (just in time to make an empty resolution to take the weight off again).

It’s easy to overeat and lose track of your exercise routines during the festive season, but it is possible to indulge a bit while still being mindful of your health. Here are 5 ways to enjoy the season with reason when surrounded by so much delicious temptation…


1. Don’t Arrive to the Party Hungry

Of course there will be invited to work parties, your neighbor’s parties, your family’s parties, and so on. Those will no doubt all be stocked with yummy fatty goodness, and you will be strongly encouraged by the hosts to eat as much as possible to help them avoid a huge cleanup afterwards.

However, WebMD advises one trick is to eat something (preferably nutritious) before you arrive at the do, so you can nibble a couple of sweets slowly and smile when the hosts ask you if you have enough to eat. The source also suggests filling up on a couple of glasses of water at the party if you don’t have time to eat beforehand.


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