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The Most Common Types of Hearing Problems

Some of the first health issues we experience impact the ears, with many children suffering from ear infections during their first months, even years, of life. This is largely because children’s ears, and their immune systems, are still developing.

But what other types of ear problems can we experience? And what kinds of problems affecting people older than newborns and toddlers? Here, we’ll take a closer look at some fairly prevalent ear issues that can cause pain and discomfort prior to an individual receiving appropriate treatment from their doctor.

1. Otitis Media

The name may be rather unfamiliar, even strange, but otitis media is a fairly straightforward ear problem. In simple terms, it primarily involves the inflammation of the middle section of the ear, with this problem resulting in the steady build-up of fluid that in some cases leads to a viral infection.

Parents of young children are likely to become familiar with this issue prior to their children reaching age 7 or so. Children experiencing otitis media are likely to complain of discomfort affecting the ear and may actually pull at their ear in an effort to find relief. Other symptoms are more general and including crying, mild fever, and irritability.

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