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Listen Up: These 6 Habits Cause Hearing Loss

You use an alarm to wake up each morning, blast tunes on your commute to the office, and field calls between queries from your coworkers, but when was the last time you gave any thought to your ears, or more specifically, your hearing? The ears can seem pretty low maintenance compared to other body parts, unless you suffer from hearing loss or frequent ear aches. However, we sometimes take our hearing for granted. Here are six habits that can gradually lead to hearing loss…

1. Ignoring Hearing Changes

As mentioned, many of us take our hearing for granted. Sadly, most hearing loss is permanent, meaning once it’s gone, it’s not coming back without the use of hearing aids. So don’t delay seeing your doctor if you notice a persistent changes to your hearing (i.e., ear pain, muffling, ringing ears, or asking others to speak up).

If you experience ear pain, it might indicate another health issue (i.e., an ear infection, oral issues, jaw issues, nerve damage, etc.) that can present as pain in the ear area.

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