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Physical Symptoms of Mental Illnesses

They say when the mind suffers the body cries out, and there’s truth based in medical science. Problems with mental health can affect your physical health in adverse ways, and in some cases a chronic health condition can cause mental problems such as depression.

Studies have shown that mental illnesses can manifest themselves in a variety of ways physically, as well as changing behavior (risk-taking and improper diet) that can impact overall health and lead to complications or a shortened lifespan. Here are 15 physical symptoms that may be attached to a mental illness…

1. Obesity

A post on the U.S. National Library of Medicine website explains that those with severe mental illness (SMI) such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia may be at higher risk for attaining unhealthy body mass, reading as 30 or higher on a body mass index (BMI).

It adds that those with schizophrenia are up to 3.5-times more likely to become obese, while those with major depression or bipolar disorder are at 1.5-times increased risk for obesity. The weight gain is traced to lifestyle factors such as less exercise, although medications (such as antipsychotics) to treat these illnesses can also be a contributor, notes the post.

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