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Sneaky Heart Trouble Warnings For Women

It’s often too late before you realize you have a heart issue. However, certain sneaky patterns often arise to warn patients that their might be an issue. For women in particular, these signals may be subtle, however, they can indicate issues with cholesterol and blood pressure, and tip you off to an associated cardiovascular issue.

Here are 12 sneaky heart trouble signals for women…

1. Nausea

According to researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine feelings of nausea, similar the flu that come on suddenly can indicate ineffective blood flow. Nausea such as this will often strike after a surge of physical activity.

Researchers dub this nausea “flu like” because it’s often accompanied by stomach upset, severe indigestion, vomiting, and cold, clammy perspiration very similar to the onset of a stomach bug.

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