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6 Tips for Preparing Kids for Flu Shots

Going to the doctor is not much fun for adults, let alone kids. It can get even more challenging when young ones see the doctor preparing the needle, and they start pulling away.

However, getting a flu shot for your child is important, and it doesn’t have to be scary with the right approach. While there’s no guarantee it’ll be a tear-free experience, here are six tips for helping your kids be best prepared both mentally and physically for the vaccine…

1. Tout the Benefits

Boston Children’s Hospital says that avoiding telling your child about the shot until you’re already at the doctor’s office is not the right move. Instead, it suggests calmly explaining the vaccine to them ahead of time in a calm and relaxed tone.

“Use honest, simple explanations that your child can understand,” it says. In particular, make sure you tell them why they need it to avoid getting the flu, which they’ll be a lot more miserable about then a vaccination that takes seconds.

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