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Worst Dinners to Feed Your Children!

Feeding your children fast and nutritious dinners can be impossible. You’re just back from working all day and now have to get them ready for after school sports, hobbies, or any clubs they belong to with only a short break to eat. The struggle is real and a lot of parents feel it. We know most of the time it’s easier to just cave and get them fast food which is fine once and a while, but we wouldn’t want to get into that habit on a regular basis.

Not only do parents suffer from time constraints, but most children are also really picky eaters. This is a particular issue for young children. Their taste buds are extremely sensitive and many adult flavors are not palatable. Children may also be scared of trying new things because they are different to their normal meals. The fatty, salty flavors of fast food are what they crave because that’s what most children’s foods like chicken nuggets, happy meals, mac ‘n’ cheese are made with. Unfortunately these are also the most unhealthy. Food experts warn parents to be wary of any of these 13 worst dinner options…

1. Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a popular dish for take out dinners. Restaurants advertise that the chicken is cooked at a high heat, preventing the oil from being fully absorbed.

This may be true for the chicken meat, but consider that the breading soaks up all the fat instead. Children love the crunch of the coating on chicken, but nutritionists recommend baking it to keep the crunch without all the fat. Also watch out for the gravy that is commonly served beside take away fried chicken.

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