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Strengthen Those Knees in 10 Easy Moves

Knee and joint pain are common ailments that affect not only the elderly but also many middle-age people and even those in their 20’s. Your knees are put under a lot of stress on a daily basis. For instance, if your joints are constantly aggravated, your bones begin wearing down, and you might not have the strength needed in the muscles around your knees and in other areas of your body to protect them from being injured or damaged. It takes work to strengthen your knees, which is why so many people experience knee problems as they age. Whether you have general knee pain from exercising, a medical condition that affects the knees, or simply want to take preventative measures to ensure good knee health now and in the future, it’s easy to strengthen those knees with these ten easy moves…

1. Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

Unfortunately, many exercises cause knee pain and can result in both short and long-term knee damage. Because of this, you have to be very careful when doing exercises to strengthen the knees prevent exacerbating pain in the knee joints. One safe and easy exercise to help your knees is inner thigh leg lifts. Lying on your side, either prop your head on your bent elbow or lay your head down on your arm, straightening it like your legs. With the top leg, lift it a few inches, hold for 5 seconds, then lower it. Repeat 10 times and switch to the other leg.

This exercise strengthens the target area—your inner thighs. When combined with other leg exercises, working these muscles will help strengthen your knees without putting pressure on your joints. You can increase the intensity and difficulty by adding ankle weights when you’ve reached the point where the exercise is too easy for your, or if you’re already very fit and strong in this muscle area. Start small and work your way up so you don’t strain your muscles.

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