Tasty Snacks That Weigh in Under 100 Calories

Snaking gets a bad rap, but not all snacks are created sugary, fatty, and calorie-laden. It’s all about the foods we choose to eat and how much of these foods we’re eating. To enjoy some healthy snacking, try any of the following 15 treats.

These satisfying low calorie nibbles deliver a nutritious and delicious option to grab-on-the-go, plus you can feel good about eating them because they’ll fill you up for 100-calories or less…

A Hardboiled Egg

Regardless of if you prefer the brown, white, free range, or totally organic variety, one large hard-boiled egg makes a great compact snack, and it hardly tips the scale at approximately 75-calories per egg.

A Medium Apple

Sure, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it also keeps those excess pounds from sneaking up on you if you bite into a medium-sized apple for your mid-day snack. Most medium varieties of Macintosh, Gala, or Granny Smith apple only equal 95-calories.

Half a Cup of Fat-Free Yogurt

Blueberry, strawberry, peach, cherry—oh my! Your favorite half cup of creamy, fat-free fruit yogurt will only set you back 85-calories, and if you select a brand with naturally-occurring bacteria; you’ll be doing your digestive system a favor too. Not all yogurt is less than 100-calories. Even if it says fat-free, be sure to read the label and double check, says Julie Ching, registered dietitian.

Unsalted Pistachios

I love pistachios, you feel like you earn a nibble after prying away the shell. And at just 85-calories for 25 pistachios of the dry-roasted, unsalted variety, you have your work cut out for you!


These compact, pop-able fresh berries are full of flavor, vitamin C, and fiber for a naturally sweet, low calorie snack. One cup of blueberries amounts to just 85-calories!

Half a Baked Potato

Good news for tader lovers! You can snack on a half a baked white potato for about 85-calories. And you can even add some fat free, low calorie dollops—including low fat, plain yogurt, fresh dill or chives, and a spoonful of chunky salsa!

Just be careful because not all sizes of baked potatoes will amount to 85-calories. For it to be under 100-calories, you should eat no more than 3/4-cup of sweet potato, says Ching.

Slice of Whole Grain Cinnamon-Raisin Bread

At a mere 65-calories, you can toast it, warm it in the microwave, or eat it fresh from the loaf. Whole grain cinnamon raisin bread has so much flavor, you won’t even miss butter or a spread.

A Baked Sweet Potato

And here you thought you were getting a deal on that half baked potato, when you can eat an entire small baked sweet potato for under 60-calories! Naturally sweet, you can boost the flavor of this tader with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. Similar to the sweet potato, size does matter. In order for it to be under 100-calories, you should only eat the amount of about 3/4-cup of potato, says Ching.

Small Scoop of Vanilla Fro-Yo

We all deserve a sweet, little splurge on a rough workday. Thankfully, a small scoop of low-fat frozen yogurt does the trick for just 90-calories…without the guilt!

Unsalted Almonds

Whole almonds make a great snack! Not only are they high in protein and heart-healthy fats and fibers—a baker’s dozen (that’s 12 plus an extra for good luck) only earns 90-calories.

A Cup of Vegetable Soup

Nothing hits the spot and warms the heart like a steaming cup of vegetable soup. It’s typically low in fat (and you can find varieties with reduced sodium too) for just 90-calories per cup!

Shelled Edamame

Opening the pod to find the delicious treasure inside explains the charm of edamame. As a snack that boasts just 65-calories per 1/3-cup portion, you and this protein-rich, soybean snack will be 2 peas in a pod.

A Pair of Kiwis

No, I’m not referring to a pair of kindly New Zealanders, but the fresh, juicy, green fruit. Pop them in your lunch bag with a handy peeler and enjoy a naturally sweet treat that’s high in vitamin C for just 95-calories.

Dark Chocolate

Chocoholics rejoice! Cutting calories doesn’t mean saying goodbye to chocolate, particularly when it’s 100-percent dark chocolate, at just 95-calories for two small squares (or 2/3-ounces).

Fresh Watermelon

I love watermelon as a snack—it’s sweet, juicy, and you can eat a lot for very little (roughly two satisfying cups for 90-calories).


Emily Lockhart

Emily Lockhart is a weight loss expert who specializes in healthy living. She is dedicated to providing health-conscious individuals with the information they need to make great lifestyle choices that will make them look and feel better. In her spare time, Emily teaches Pilates at a local studio and enjoys activities like hiking, rowing and biking.