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6 Small Changes for Your Healthiest Year as a Family

You (hopefully) care about your family’s health, and you care about your own health, so why not improve both at the same time? There are many activities and lifestyle changes you can take on as a family unit to see results across the board while keeping up motivation.

The good news is you don’t need to commit to climbing a mountain together to get positive results. You can make minor changes that will benefit the family mentally and physically, and who doesn’t want that? Here are six tips to help you towards your collective health goals this year…

1. Breakfast Before Bed

We’re not suggesting you eat bacon and eggs before you hit the sack—that would be unreasonable. However, Prevention.com suggests setting yourself up for a nutritious breakfast before you hit the hay.

The source suggests getting all the cutlery and plates set up so you’ll have one less step to deal with in the morning, so you can focus on making a healthy breakfast and spend more time with the kids before you’re all out the door. Apparently, this is also one of the habits of highly successful people, adds the site.


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