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6 Negative Health Effects of Eating Too Much Protein

So we’re all aware of how essential protein is—according to WebMD.com the body utilizes protein to repair and built tissues (i.e., muscles, hair and nails), to build and support our skin, cartilage, bones, muscles, and blood, and to produce body chemicals (i.e., hormones and enzymes). However how much protein is too much protein? And yes, there is a limit.

Although protein-rich diets are essential for satisfying our appetites, for building muscles, and for maintaining a healthy metabolism, eating too much (for example, if you opt for a super high, protein-focused diet that excludes other food groups) you could develop these negative health issues…

1. Kidney Damage

It may seem pretty shocking to claim that eating too much protein can cause kidney damage, but science tells us that super-high protein diets do seriously tax the kidneys to constantly work harder to eliminate nitrogen from the blood.

According to research from the National Institutes of Health, excess protein in the diet means you consume more nitrogen byproducts. Typically, the body can expel normal amounts of protein through the urine, but eat too much and your kidneys become stressed to rid your body of all the extra nitrogen, which can lead to renal damage over the long term.

Kidney Infection

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