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6 Medal-Worthy Eating Tips from Olympians

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The Summer Games in Rio have drawn to a close, bringing many fans from around the world to the edge of their seats to see if their favorite athletes would snag a medal. You may have watched in awe wondering, “How the heck do they do that?” Well, it’s countless hours of training, but none of the accomplishments would be possible without a proper diet.

So, while we bid farewell to the Olympics for now, it doesn’t mean you can’t live like one. Whether you’re thinking of tackling to first marathon or are just a busy professional or parent on the go, here are six eating tips from Olympic athletes that could help give you an edge…

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

It’s an easy thing to do on Monday morning—grab your coffee and maybe an energy bar as you’re flying out the door to get to school or work on time. However, as you might’ve heard before, skipping breakfast is something you shouldn’t do, especially if you want an active lifestyle.

Fitness Magazine notes that many amateur athletes forego the first meal of the day in order to get their early run in. A professional race coach in the article explains that your blood sugar has dipped overnight, so you should carb up with a bagel or toast before heading out. You can work your way up if you’re not a morning eater; try starting with a glass of apple juice before a run until your stomach adjusts, adds the source.

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