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You’re Too Hard on Yourself: 6 Subtle Ways you Beat Yourself Up

A recent study from the world of psychology finds that we’re too hard on ourselves. In fact, the findings, published in the journal Self and Identity claim that we tend to beat ourselves up over some pretty silly things—not going to the gym, forgetting eggs at the grocery store, and even missing the opportunity to stick up for ourselves against a nasty co-worker.

Here’s proof many of us deserve a break…from our own inner self-critic…

1. We Associate Self-Compassion with Weakness

The study, aptly titled Resisting Self-Compassion: Why Are Some People Opposed to Being Kind to Themselves?, revealed the answers to a questionnaire based on capacity and self compassion, filled out by 161 adult participants ranging in age from 17-years to 34-years old.

Participants in the study were also asked to envision themselves and reveal their feelings in situations of loss, failure, and rejection where they acted with first, self-criticism, and second, self-compassion. Researchers learned that the participants were less self-compassionate because they believed that exercising self-care would make them seem less ambitious and motivated. They instead answered with self-criticism, which they believed made them “tougher, better, and more driven”.

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