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Wrapping Up Health Hazards of Holiday Shopping

We all make the jokes about how our credit cards will give us a heart episode when we open the mail in January. Well, turns out some of these holiday clichés may actually hold some truth. While you likely won’t be clutching your chest in an emergency situation due to bills, there are some health concerns associated with the season.

From accumulating “toxic” debt to indulging a bit while you’re on the shopping warpath, the holidays can be especially hard on your body and mind. However, the good news is that with a bit of restraint and by considering these six risks, you’ve got a pretty good chance of dodging the shopping woes…

1. Raised Blood Pressure

Speaking of heart problems…high blood pressure has been linked to a higher chance of having a heart attack, as well as a stroke. The higher pressure could be attributed to a couple of factors—from finding a parking spot at the mall to braving the crowds, notes Blood Pressure UK.

While some of these factors may spike your blood pressure for a short time, the perception of high debt can also increase your blood pressure over a longer period of time. “High financial debt is associated with higher diastolic blood pressure and poorer self-reported general and mental health in young adults,” reports Northwestern University in Illinois.

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