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The Tall and Short of Height and Health for Women

Let’s cut straight to the short and tall of it—when it comes to women’s health, there are clear benefits to being both short and tall. While measuring in at under 5-foot 2-inches lowers your risk of certain cancers it vastly increases your risks of developing osteoporosis. The same goes for tall women who are less likely to develop dementia, but far more likely to get breast cancer.

Tall or short, here are six things your height can determine about your health…


1. Greater Risk of Breast Cancer for Tall Women

According to a research study from Oxford University, your breast cancer risk soars with your height. Surprisingly, researchers discovered that for every 4-inches of added height, a woman’s breast cancer risk heightens by roughly 16-percent.

Scientists speculate that the risk is closely tied to growth hormones, which have been not only tied to triggering body growth in adolescence, but also to triggering the growth of oestrogen-dependant breast cancer. The idea is that the taller a woman is—the higher her growth hormones will be. Oxford researchers found that women with heightened growth hormones were approximately 28-percent more likely to develop breast cancer, on average.

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