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The Early Warning Signs of Menopause

2. Hot Flashes

Just about any woman approaching menopause knows a hot flash when she feels one. That sudden overwhelming blast of heat that extends from your forehead to your toes and leaves you soaking with sweat occurs due to hormones mixing up your body’s temperature regulation (the hypothalamus). You can experience hot flashes all over your body or in just one area, but the extreme temperature change in your body is uncomfortable no matter where you feel it.

Your may face might also flush and turn red or become blotchy, and the severity of your hot flashes can range from mild to quite severe – some women are woken up from sleep because of them, causing additional fatigue to deal with. There are some treatments available for hot flashes but many of them come with side effects. Knowing your options is important, so make sure your doctor is aware of your symptoms. Unfortunately, hot flashes can last for a couple years after menopause.

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