The 8 Beauty Travesties of Winter Weather

Winter weather does a number on our beauty. The cold, dry air, literally zapped of all moisture causes dark circles due to lack of sleep, dry skin, hair static, red eyes, brittle hair, and those oh-so-embarrassing moments when your skirt remains stuck to your pantyhose.

Learn how to deal with the eight travesties of winter weather like a beauty pro…

1. Dark Under Eye Circles

According to a British study this week, winter can age our eyes by about 5 years. But we hardly need a bunch of scientists to remind us how haggard we look and feel in winter. You can start by thanking those dark circles under your eyes, which appear  even darker and puffier in colder months due to lack of sunlight, paler skin, and reduced exposure to vitamin D (sunlight).

2. Unruly Hair Static

Dry hair means unruly static and uncontrollable strands.  is often the underlying culprit to hair static. Add to that the lack of moisture in the air, plus more use of your hair dryer and you can kiss your slick up-dos goodbye until springtime. To combat static hair, wash your hair less often and use a brush with natural boar bristles brush and a wooden handle to reign in static and evenly comb natural oils through your strands.

3. Brittle Ends and Hair Breakage

Snow, freezing rain, and icy cold climates always end in hair with brittle and broken ends. You can blame indoor heating, increased hair dryer usage, increased static electricity due to less moisture in the air, and hotter showers. To replenish thirsty ends, wash your hair in warm to cool water, only use conditioner every other shower, and let your hair air dry whenever possible.

4. Parched, Scaly, Skin

Dry, scaly skin is inevitable once winter hits and you crank the heat at home, in the car, and at the office. To put some moisture back into parched, tender skin, plug in a humidifier at home for added air moisture, drink loads of water and herbal teas, and  apply a thick, emollient moisturizer or body butter all over directly following each shower or bath.

5. The Horror of Static Cling

In winter, static clings lies in wait for the moment to embarrass you at your holiday party—meaning cute cocktail dress stuck to your butt! The horror stems from dry air and friction, which inevitably cause things to cling even worse. Instead, arm yourself with a can of hair spray and spritz the underside of your outfit or wear a silk slip. You can also avoid static cling by allowing clothes to air dry rather than using the dryer.

6. Watery, Irritated Eyes

Look at any photo of me outside in winter and it looks like I’ve been crying. Why? Because technically I am thanks to watery eyes due to harsh wind exposure in the wintertime. I’ve learned to protect my sensitive peepers by wearing a pair of sunglasses, which shelter my eyes from the harsh wind and cold.

7. Chapped and Cracked Lips

Puckering up under the mistletoe can be painful business if you suffer from chapped or cracked lips during winter. To maintain the perfect pout, avoid licking your lips when they’re experiencing a dry spell and apply an emollient lip balm with as many natural ingredients as possible.

8.Itchy, Red Eyes

Winter, aka flu season, means an influx of sniffling, sneezing, colds, and flues, which oftentimes lead to red, itchy eyes, and the dreaded pink eye virus. To prevent a nasty, gooey, itchy eye, avoid nose to eye contact following a sneeze or cough. Wash your hands frequently, drink plenty of fluids, and get your beauty rest.


Emily Lockhart

Emily Lockhart is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She believes that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a punishment or temporary fix to attain a desired fitness or body image goal. Anna helps her clients take responsibility for their own health and wellness through her classes and articles on ActiveBeat.