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Sweet Dreams Tips for Cohabitating Couples

Regardless of if it’s love at first sight or slow, hot burning love—many couples just aren’t compatible between the sheets. Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about sleeping together soundly…getting actual, quality sleep.

If you’re not in sync with their partner’s sleep habits (perhaps he or she snores, tosses and turns, or likes to sprawl out and hog all the sheets) it can cause irritability, hostility, and relationship strain. Here are eight tips to help you achieve happily-ever-after in your dreams…

1. Banish Sleep Distractions

Don’t invite other factors into the bed with you and your partner—such as computers, television shows, e-readers, meals, pets, and kids. All of these distracting factors can cause stress in your bedroom and disrupt your sleeping schedules. I mean, it’s insulting to go to bed with your wife and 400 of her closest Facebook friends! Studies from NASA’s Fatigue Countermeasures Program at the Ames Research Center, confirm that light from electronics (or any device with a backlit screen) creates “cognitive stimulation,” which disrupts melatonin production and throws off the calming circadian rhythms needed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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