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Strawberry Legs: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

You might be scratching your head about the term “strawberry legs,” but according to Healthline.com, it’s a reality for many people. However, while the condition can be a bit unsightly and concerning to the person who has it, it’s generally not a serious condition and it can be treated or avoided.

However, in some cases strawberry legs may indicate an underlying health condition, and medical intervention may be required. Let’s look at 12 facts about strawberry legs, and how to prevent it…

1. What are Strawberry Legs?

Healthline says strawberry legs are the appearance of small black dots on your legs, which resemble the seeds of a strawberry. These dots, otherwise known as “comedones,” are actually hair follicles or enlarged pores that have oil, bacteria, or dead skin trapped in them, adds the source.

There are different possible causes for strawberry legs (it’s actually an umbrella term), but Healthline notes that the follicles may darken if exposed to air following shaving.

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