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Robin Williams Death: 9 Things To Know About Lewy Body Dementia

If you followed the news coverage in the wake of Robin William’s shocking and tragic death last August 11, 2014, you likely believe that the famous actor and comedian committed suicide due to severe depression following a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis three months prior. However, William’s wife, Susan Schneider Williams, revealed in November 2015 that her husband’s illness was misdiagnosed, and that his early death was the result of Lewy Body Dementia (or LBD), and not depression.

Here are 9 symptoms of LBD, a rather mysterious form of dementia that many of us have never even heard of…


1. What is Lewy Body Dementia?

Lewy body dementia, or LBD, is an often misdiagnosed, progressive type of dementia that impacts a patient’s motor skills, special awareness, basic movement, balance, memory, problem-solving skills, and often causes severe psychiatric indicators—including delusions and hallucinations.

LBD is often characterized as dementia with Lewy bodies, or in William’s case, Parkinson’s with Lewy bodies. These lewy bodies can only be examined under a microscope post-mortem, and present as abnormal protein deposits in the brain.

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