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Floating 7 Facts About Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Is the thought of sealing yourself in a pitch-black chamber with no sound appealing to you? It is for a growing number of Americans, and it can have physical and mental benefits as reported by those who have tried it (including this author).

Float therapy – or sensory deprivation therapy – involves laying in water that’s filled with salt so you float on the surface. Then you pop in the earplugs, lower yourself in, and lose yourself in the void. Here are seven things to know if you’re thinking about trying this type of therapy…

1. You Might Hallucinate

Some people who try float therapy report having hallucinations, despite the fact there’s no light whatsoever. But the mind may try to fill the emptiness with something, and you could see colors or floating shapes that aren’t really there.

You might also hear things that aren’t there – for example, this author heard some dripping water (from where?), and others have heard phantom music (like this writer for Mental Floss recounts).

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