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Examining 7 Questionable Health Conditions

There are hundreds – no, thousands – of possible (but real) medical conditions out there, and some of them you may hear about routinely. However, just because you see the name of a condition often in the media or from friends, does that make it legitimate?

It’s important to get a diagnosis from a doctor, and perhaps get a second opinion, before assuming you have a disease or disorder. Here are seven medical conditions that have plagued people for years, but scientifically don’t exist, or are actually another condition with similar symptoms…

1. Colic

This is a condition that apparently is the reason behind many babies crying for hours on end. While many doctors will diagnose a baby with “colic,” according to an expert on the subject, colic doesn’t actually exist – it can be resolved with a different parenting strategy.

Colic was a condition coined by an American pediatrician in 1954, and was generally accepted to be a real thing that makes some babies cry more than others, according to WarpedSpeed.com. The articles points out that a parenting expert has much more recently said that colic is “not a medical issue, but a parenting issue instead.” It could likely be due to babies feeling a lack of security, it adds.

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