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Drawing Out 6 Health Risks of Tattoos

A well-drawn and tasteful tattoo can be a thing of beauty, and can hold special meaning for people. Tattoos are definitely not a modern trend; mankind has been imprinting on their skin for centuries using various methods.

However, while body art is a popular way for self-expression, there are certain health risks depending on the practices of the tattoo artist – and there may be some other risks even if you go to the most reputable tattoo parlors. Here are six facts to know before getting ink…

1. Ink May Travel to Lymph Nodes

Perhaps the most recent revelation about skin art was detailed in several media reports, including an article in Global News in Canada. The source explains scientists in Germany and France analyzed the bodies of 4-donors and compared to them with the bodies of 2-donors without tattoos.

The findings were that “tissue samples from two of the inked donors had stained lymph nodes matching the elements on the pigments on their skin,” notes the article. These nanoparticles contained 5-elements that are considered toxic – namely aluminum, chromium, iron, nickel and copper, it adds. However, the research stops short of saying this causes any adverse health effects.

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