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8 Saving Face Tips for Washing Your Face

You wake up in the morning, you wash your face. You go to bed in the evening, you wash your face. It’s really not that difficult. Yet so many people mess up this perfectly refreshing beauty step and end up with a face full of oily patches, acne, or dry skin.

Here are eight ways to nix skin issues and save face when washing your face…


1. Irritating Products

The right cleanser for your skin isn’t always the same as the product that your best friend or sister uses on her face. You should seek out a cleanser that removes the day’s dirt and makeup while retaining as much of your skin’s natural oils as possible—stripping those away will cause dry, red, and irritated skin.

A lot of why a product irritates skin or causes pimples has to do with the ingredients. If you tend to react badly to products containing added synthetics (i.e., parabens) or fragrances, seek out a natural cleanser for sensitive skin. That typically means no fragrance or synthetic ingredients that can irritate your delicate visage.

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