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7 Yoga Poses to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is more common than we would think. Millions of people suffer in silence with anxiety that can be life crippling at times. It can prevent you from important things in life, like pursuing your dreams, taking a flight, meeting new people, or giving a presentation at work. Anxiety can even affect smaller aspects of everyday life, like getting on a bus, or just getting out of bed. It can make even the little things overwhelming, and wreak havoc on your mind, body, immune system and sleep cycles. Now let’s get ready to curb that anxiety, with asana…


1. Corpse Pose

At the end of your practice, or anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, lie down in corpse pose. This pose is the ultimate aid in relaxation and stress relief. It eases the body into a state of rest and ease. Corpse pose aids in promoting healthy sleep patterns, calming the nervous system, and lowering blood pressure.

Use a cushion or pillow for support under your head if desired, keep a blanket nearby in case you get a little cool as you start to unwind after your yoga practice. Stay here for 10-minutes if possible, breathing deeply and mindfully relax each part of your body from head to toe.

Corpse Pose

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