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7 Ways to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Are you tired of waking up tired? You’re not alone. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem like you’ve slept after getting 7- or 8-hours of shuteye, and on top of that you end up lagging through the workday and daydreaming about your pillow.

There could be contributing health or diet factors that are making you feel this way first thing in the morning that you aren’t aware of, so making some adjustments in your routine could help you rise and shine instead of rise and whine for a change. Here are 7 ways to feel better in the morning whether you do them before sleep or right when you awaken…


1. Don’t go to Bed Stressed

Have you heard the term “don’t go to sleep angry?” It’s not just an old myth, there’s some science to back this one. Time magazine backs up this claim in a 2014 article that explains going to sleep while angry or stressed can “preserve” negative emotions that we gather during our waking hours.

Neuroscientists at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst confirmed that having a negative or traumatic experience before hitting the sack and trying to sleep it off is not a good idea, as you may experience sleeplessness because your brain is wired to avoid sleep following a negative event as a defense mechanism. Sleeping on it can bring the same unpleasant emotion back immediately after you wake up, whereas staying awake can reduce the feeling, noted the researchers.

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