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7 Ways Intercourse Improves Physical and Mental Health

We’re all aware that sex is a great way for couples to connect, but there’s more to it than the immediate pleasure. In case you needed a better excuse to step up your love life, sex has been proven to have short-term and long-term health benefits that some people may not be aware of.

Women’s Health magazine noted in a 2014 article that sex has added benefits ranging from reduced stress and better sleep to feeling less aches and having a stronger immune system. Here are seven ways sex can improve your physical and mental state…


1. Better Circulation

The American Heart Association says that sexual activity is key to getting the heart pumping faster, and notes that sex can be the equivalent of climbing 2 flights of stairs or more (for those who are older or are not in ideal physical condition). Sexual activity has a positive snowball effect—exercise will improve your heart health, which will lead to better energy and stamina, which will lead to better love-making.

If you have a heart problem and are avoiding sex because of it, the association notes sex is generally safe for those who have cardiovascular disease that want to maintain or improve their quality of life. Erectile dysfunctions can also be traced to poor circulation, so putting your heart through its paces definitely has its advantages.

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