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7 Toxic Chemical Ingredients to Avoid in Nail Polish

7. TPHP (Triphenyl Phosphate)

Originally though of as a less toxic “safer” alternative to some of the other harsh chemical substances on this list, Triphenyl Phosphate (or TPHP for short) is a plasticizer and makes things (like nail polish) more flexible and less brittle. TPHP is a known endocrine disruptor, meaning it messes with our bodies hormones and has been linked to infertility, abnormal fetal development, hormonal imbalances and several types of cancer among others.

The ingredient has been found in many popular brands of nail polish and a recent study by Duke University has shown that within 10- to 14-hours of applying nail polish, the level of TPHP found in their urine increased by almost 7 times that of before the polish was applied. To avoid TPHP, you’ll have to look and read the labels closely as it seems we’re only starting to scratch the surface on this potential toxin.



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