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Tips for Taking Care of a Real Christmas Tree

There’s no denying that buying a fake Christmas tree has its advantages. A fake tree won’t leak sap all over your carpet and can be easily wrapped up and stowed away once the holiday season passes.

However, there’s nothing quite like the aroma and sheer atmosphere created by having a real Christmas tree in the home. And it can be a painless experience, so long as you take a few key steps in taking care of your tree properly…


1. Pick the Right Tree

Take your time when choosing your real Christmas tree—don’t just rush in and grab the first tree you see. Each time you approach a prospective tree, grab a branch between your thumb and forefinger and carefully pull it. If only a few needles come off in your hand, then the tree is fresh.

The next step is to gently shake the tree after grabbing it around the stump. Again, only a few needles should come off the tree. If there’s an excessive amount of needles heading to the ground (and some of those needles are brown, rather than green) you may want to consider another tree.

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