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7 Healthy Reasons You Shouldn’t be Icy About Winter

For those of you living in states where the thermometer drops enough for snow to stay on the ground, you might be dreading this upcoming cold season because it means longer nights and shoveling snow.

However, it’s all a matter of perspective. Sometimes summer can be unbearably hot, but you still manage to make the best of it, right? Well, you don’t hide in the basement all winter—and here are seven solid reasons that winter might actually benefit you…


1. No Bug Bites

One of the biggest pains (literally) of summer is always swatting away bees or falling victim to biting flies out on the water. While we tolerate this because it’s so nice outside, we also hate this aspect of the warm season.

Bugs virtually all disappear in winter (except for the odd one taking refuge in your shower). That means you don’t have to worry about applying bug spray, or scratching at bug bites that you’ve sustained while waterskiing. It also greatly reduces the risk of contracting many diseases that come with bug bites.

Winter Skin

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